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With over 25 years in sales experience and Certifications in Infusionsoft, Click Funnels and Pipedrive, Christian is dedicated to helping business grow their companies through fixing lead generation all the way through setting up a robust sales process for sales staff.  Christian has owned several businesses since 2002 and has used the same technologies he consults on to help other companies CRUSH IT with Funnels, Marketing Automation and Pipedrive CRM.  Christian is very passionate in helping businesses streamline their sales processes through the proper use of technology.

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Using the power of clickfunnels...

Examples of Some Funnels We Can Help You Create To Grow Your Business...

funnel type #1

Best Seller Book Funnel

Are you an author and want to sell more copies of your books AND make more money from each book you sell?

Then use our “Best seller Book Funnel” that you’ll get FREE inside of ClickFunnels account today!

funnel type #2

Product Launch Funnel

Do you have a new product or service you’d like to launch? If so, then plug it into our PROVEN product launch funnels!

No more hoping and guessing that your funnel will be right. This funnel works!

funnel type #3

Perfect Webinar Funnel

Having a webinar is great, but if no one shows up to that webinar, it’s more like online journaling.

This funnel will help you to profitably get people to register AND show up to your live events!

funnel type #4

The “Real Stuff” Funnel

Do you sell physical products or supplements on Amazon or Shopify? If so, then you’ll LOVE our “Real Stuff”.

They were created for people like you selling and shipping physical products!

funnel type #5

The Fishbowl Funnel

Do you run an online business? If so, then you’ll probably benefit from the Fishbowl Funnel.

It is probably created to help ‘bricks and mortar’ companies to generate leads in their local area.

funnel type #6

Network Marketing Bridge Funnel

Are you a network marketer who is tired of talking to their friends and families about their product?

If so, then you’ll benefit from the Network Marketing Bridge Funnel that will generate leads and close them on your opportunity while you sleep!

Using the power of Infusionsoft...

Examples of Some Automated Campaigns For Your Business...

Examples #1

Automatically Get Employee Weekly Status Reports...

Examples #2

Automatically Get Referrals From Happy Customers...

Examples #3

Automatically Schedule A Consult With A Prospect...

Examples #3

Automatically Register Attendees For An Event And Send Reminders...

Examples #4

Capture And Automatically Follow up With Contacts From Networking Events...

Examples #5

Automatically Send A Satisfaction Survey To Customers With Follow Up Actions...

yes, i am ready to take my business to the next level using sales funnels and automation


Most frequent questions and answers

Love this question.  Think of a CRM as the central nervous system of your business.  It's the one place you go to do measure the pulse of your business.  Without a CRM, you are living in CHAOS.  You need a CRM to help you manage the CRITICAL relationships in your business.  Leads, Prospects, Customers, Staff, Vendors, Partners, etc.  Staying organized is KEY to operating at peak performance.

A sales pipeline is a systematic way to bring new clients into your business using sales stages.  Having a sales pipeline with stages with help you keep leads and prospects slipping through the cracks.  It will hep you measure bottlenecks in your sales and will hold your sales team accountable for closing deals.

The short answer is BOTH.  Think of a website like the store and a sales funnel driving people to a specific product on the shelf.  A website is for branding and giving you a wider audience view to your brand.  A sales funnel is more targeted with a specific call to action.  You should use BOTH.

Selling does not have to be so manual.  Sales automation allows you to do automated follow ups, automated email drops, SMS drops etc.  It's all about following up and sales automation significantly scales your sales process.  I like to see AUTOMATE and DOMINATE.

We live in a day when automation makes so much sense.  Rather you are a one man show, small company, large company automation just makes sense.  Automation allows you to set it and forget it.  Using powerful automation tools like Pipedrive or Infusionsoft can significantly reduce your workflow and allow you to do a lot more with less.

Here are just a few ideas to incrase sales in your business.  First, think of indoctrination. Make sure you are clearly communicating your value to your ideal customer.  WE recommend VSL's for that.  VSL's are video sales letters.  They are powerful because it allows the person on the other side of the video to connect with you and meet you virtually and it also builds trust.  Second, use social proof when possible.  Social proof allows your prospect to stand in the shoes of a current customer.  Third, use a case study as well that tells a powerful story to your prospect on what you did to help someone else.  Fourth, make the call to action very clear.  If someone goes to your website, tell them what to do.  Hey check out this free report.  Hey make sure you watch my video.  Hey book a call with us.  CALL TO ACTION.  Fifth, make it easy for people to schedule a call with you and always LEAD with value.  How can you inject value into the relationship in the beginning that will make people feel good about spending time with you.

Ready To Enjoy Your Life and Let Sales Funnels and Automation Work For You...


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