Pipedrive Selling Strategy

Activity-Based Selling

One of the most powerful selling philosophy’s I’ve come across in my 25 years of selling is Activity-Based selling. Sure there are a lot of selling techniques out there like spin selling or straight line selling with Jordan Belfort and many others. However, it wasn’t until I learned about activity-based selling that things started to really change for me and I realized that selling is more about managing then smooth talking.

Why do I love activity-based selling so much? Because it allows the sales person to OWN the sales process. It empowers you to TAKE ACTION at any stage in the sales process and make it happen. Quite leaving things up to chance. You have MORE POWER over the sales process then you know. All it takes is for you to be more consistent with managing your sales activities like following up or sending more emails.

Activity-based selling can take a mediocore sales person and turn them into a rockstar. I was recently working on a sales team and one of the top guys who was crushing his sales was asked what he was saying on the phone. He said it’s not what I’m saying on the phone, it’s how hard I’m working AFTER the call. Have you heard that it may take across the board in any industry at least 7 touches to close a deal. Think about that. 7 touches on average. So how are you going to manage 7 touches when you have possibly hundreds of people in your sales pipeline?

Well, in most cases you won’t unless you are using systems like Pipedrive to help you. If are are a business owner, you need to implement activity-based selling in your business. Let your sales reps OWN the sales process. Hold them accountable with a system that keeps them on the straight and narrow road to success.

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